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Traffic light

Illustration only, not for sale



Traffic light controller

Crosswalk, 4 way crossing, RR crossing, one and two light warning flashing and standard Green, Amber and Red sequences








3 1/4 x 2 1/2 Inches   82.5 x 63.5 mm

3 1/2 x 2 1/2 Inches    88.9 x 63.5 mm

3  3/4 x 3 1/4 Inches   95.25 x 82.5 mm  

Wt. 4.70 OZ       Shipping  13.3 OZ

Wt 4.95 Oz    Shipping 13.7 Oz

Wt 6.30 Oz    Shipping 15 Oz

     SL-3007         12 volts      $34.99

     SL-3026         24 volts        34.99

     SL-3008       124 volts        34.99

     SL-3009       240 volts        34.99

3 Circuit Controller
4  Circuit  Controller

     SL-3010      12 volts      $39.95

     SL-3027      24 volts        39.95

     SL-3011    120 volts        39.95

     SL-3012    240 volts        39.95

     SL-3016      12 volts        39.95

        RR Dwarf Signal Controller

6  Circuit  Controller

    SL-3013       12 volts      $45.90

    SL-3028        24 volts       45.90

    SL-3014      120 volts       45.90

    SL-3015      240 volts       45.90

Three Circuit Controller Functions

1.  US standard, Green to Amber to Red, back to Green.   Switch setting 1, wiring diagram A.

2.  EUR., Red to Red + Amber to Green to Amber to Red.  Switch setting 2, wiring diagram A.

3.  Early US, Green to Amber to Red, back to Amber to Green.  Switch setting 3, wiring diagram A.

4.  Green to flashing Green to Red and back to Green.  Use as Arrow to flashing Arrow to Red back

     to Green.  Switch setting 4, wiring diagram B.

5.  Hand-man countdown crosswalk signal only.  Switch setting 5, wiring diagram F.

6.  Single light flashing, adjustable rate.  Switch setting 17, wiring diagram C.

7.  Two light alternating flashing, adjustable flash rate.  Uses, RR grade crossing, hazardous intersection.

     Switch setting 7, wiring diagram B.

8.    Two light alternating flashing with independent flash rate each light.  Use switch setting 20, wiring diagram B

9.  Early US.  Green, to Green + Yellow, to Red and back to Green.  Switch setting15, wiring diagram A

10.  Three light cascading cycle, Red, Amber, Green.  Lights remain on until end of cycle and repeats.

       Speed rate adjustable.  Switch setting 18, diagram A.

11.  Three relay controller with traffic light and Walk, Don't Walk signal, Don't Walk does not flash.  Switch

       setting1, wiring diagram J.

12.  Random flashing, adjustable flash rate.  Switch setting 60, wiring diagram A.

13.  Red to flashing Green to steady Green to Amber, back to Red.  Old Canadian sequence.

       Switch setting 30, wiring diagram A.

14.  Early style Walk, Don't Walk with Red light  Walk to flashing Don't Walk to steady Don't Walk + Red

       light, back to Walk.  Switch setting 33, wiring diagram P.

15.  UK Pelican crossing.  Switch setting 35, wiring diagram A.

16.  Green to Green + Red to Red.  Switch setting 36, wiring diagram B.

17.  Red to Amber to Green and back to Red.  Switch setting 37, wiring diagram A.  If using as a race starting

       light tree, the cycle will stop with the Green light staying ON.  To have the cycle stop with the Green light

       off, use switch setting 26.  A single cycle switch must be added at J1 for race use.  Wiring diagram L.

18.  Walk, Don't Walk signal only, no traffic light, with flashing Don't Walk.  Switch setting 38, wiring diagram E.

19.  Red to Red + Amber to Green to flashing Green to Amber, back to Red.  Switch setting19, wiring diagram A.

20.  Green to Amber to Red.  Each ON and OFF one at at time, then all ON at once then OFF.  Switch setting 41

       wiring diagram A.

21.  Red to Amber to Amber with flashing Red to Green with flashing Red to Red.  Switch setting 42, wiring diagram A.


.   .   UK style RR crossing signal.  Amber to alternating flashing Red.  Wiring diagram A, switch setting 31.

Four Circuit Controller Function

1.  Green to Amber steady W/relay 4 flashing to Red W/relay 4 steady, and back to Green.   Use this sequence for controlling a

     traffic light with a Walk, Don't Walk signal and flashing Don't Walk.  Switch setting 8, 9 for EUR, wiring diagram D.

2.  Green to Red to Amber to Amber + relay 4, back to Green.  Switch setting 12, wiring diagram D.

3.  Green to Amber to relay 4 to red, back to Green.  Relay 4 can be an Arrow or light.  Switch setting 13, diagram D.

4.  Green to Amber + relay 4 to Red + relay 4 back to Green.  Relay 4 can be a sign, Arrow or light.  Switch setting16, wiring D.

5.  Green to Amber to Red to relay 4 + Red to flashing relay 4+ Red back to Green.  Switch setting 21, wiring diagram K.

6.  Red arrow to flashing Amber arrow to Green arrow to steady Amber arrow, back to Red arrow (sequence for left turn).  Switch

     setting 22, wiring diagram K.

7.  Lights turn ON one at a time and stay ON  until all are ON then all turn OFF.  A single cycle switch must be added at J1 on        controller board, note on order.  Switch setting 23, wiring diagram K.

8.  Old New York Style for 3 or 4 direction.  Red north and south, Green east and west to Red all directions, Green east and west

     Green north and south, Red east and west, Red all directions, Green north and south.  Switch setting 29, wiring diagram N.

9.  Green to Amber to Red + relay 4 to Red + Amber relay turns OFF, back to Green.  Switch setting 32, wiring diagram K.

10.  Sequence for a four light Arrow or arrow plus light operation.  Flashing Amber arrow to steady Amber arrow to steady Red

       arrow to steady Green arrow to steady Amber arrow to steady Red arrow, repeat.  Colors can be changed and lights and 

       arrows mixed.  Switch setting 34, wiring diagram K.

11.  Red to Green arrow to Amber arrow to relay 4 can be an arrow or light.  Switch setting39, wiring diagram K.

12.  Red north and south + Green east and west to Red flashing east and west + steady Red north and south + steady green

       east and west.  Red steady east and west + Green steady north and south, Red flashing north and south + steady Red

       east and west + Steady Green north and south, repeat.  Switch setting 40, wiring diagram N.

13.  Red to Red + Yellow, to Green, to Green + Arrow, to Yellow, repeat.  Switch setting 50, wiring diagram K.

14.  Red to Red + Arrow, to red + Yellow + Arrow, to Green, to Yellow,  Repeat.  Switch setting 51, diagram K.


Six Circuit Controller Functions

1.  Full intersection control.  Red north and south, Green east and west,  Green to Amber, N & S stays Red. Amber to Red N & S

     all sides are Red for a short time, then north, south turn Green.  Switch setting 10 US 11 for UK.  Wiring diagram G.

2.  Full intersection traffic light with Walk, Don't Walk signals.  Switch setting 10 and 11.  Wiring diagram H.

3.  Grand Prix style staging tree.  Lights five stages of lights starting at the top and working down.  Each light pair remains ON

     until the fifth pair,  all turn OFF.  A single cycle switch must be added to J1 on the controller circuit board for this operation,

     Note on order if this unit will be used for this operation, power supply is different.  Switch setting 14, wiring diagram I.

4.  Red light + Red arrow or light, Green light + Green arrow or light, Green light + Amber arrow or light, Green light + Red arrow

     Amber light + Red arrow or light, starts over.  Switch setting 28, wiring diagram G.

5.  Three light with Green and Amber arrows.  Red light steady, Red light w/flashing Amber, steady Green light W/steady Green

     arrow, steady Green light W/flashing Amber arrow, steady Amber.  Switch setting 25, diagram R.

6.  Six light traffic light.  Red arrow 1, Green arrow 1, Amber arrow 1.  Red arrow 2, Green arrow 2, Amber arrow 2,  Switch setting

     27, wiring diagram G.

7.  Old style full intersection traffic light with Red and Green only. Similar sequence to number one above without the Amber lights.

     Switch setting 52, wiring diagram G.  Just do not use the yellow controller leads.

8.  PUFFIN. Red + Green Man, to Red to Red + Red Man, to Red + Yellow + Red Man, to Green + Red Man, to Yellow + Red Man,

     to Red + Red Man, to Red + Green Man.

9.  PELICAN. Red + Green Man, to Red + flashing Green Man, to Yellow flashing + Green Man flashing, to Green + Red Man, to

     Yellow + Red Man, to Red + Red Man, Repeat.  Switch setting 53, wiring diagram G.



This is a typical wiring and installation of our three relay controller.  In this illustration the power cord enters from the bottom of the lite and connects to the terminal block on the circuit board next to the transformer and fuse block, green to “G”, white to ”N”, and black to “L”.  The red light line and white neutral are feed down from the red light above.  The red light wire is connected to the large black terminal block at the lower left terminal, with the white to the lower right terminal.  The yellow from the middle light is connected to the second terminal from the left with the white connected to the same lower right terminal as the previous white.  The green light line and white neutral are feed up from below.  Connect the green to the terminal next to the yellow wire and the white to the same lower right corner terminal with all of the rest of the white wires from the lights.  Now connect the red from the controller to the upper left terminal on the large black terminal block so as to connect with the red wire of the red light.  Connect the yellow wire from the controller to the second from the left upper terminal to connect with the yellow light wire.  Connect the green from the controller to the upper terminal of the green light.  Lastly connect the white from the controller to the upper right terminal to connect with the three white wires from the lights.  Before turning on the power check to make sure all connections are to the proper terminals and are tight.  Also make sure there is nothing touching the bottom of the controller circuit board that can cause a short circuit.


Now, when the power is applied a small LED light located in the middle of the circuit board should start to blink, if running sequence one, the green light should turn on go thru the green yellow and red sequence.  Set the ON times for each light by turning the three trim pots located on the top right corner of the controller board.  You are done.  Close up and enjoy.

Six Pole Dip Switch
Controller Sequence Setup

Located above the transformer and to the left of the relays is the six pole dip switch used to enter the sequences to your controller.   The illustration on the right is one example of forty five  others shown in your instructions for setting up your controller.  This illustration is sequence number one which is the standard US sequence and  preset to US customers. Export customers will receive switch setting number two, Green to Amber to Red, Red + Amber to Green, used in most other countries.

Light Distribution Terminal Block



Bring your none functioning traffic light back to the glorious life it had when it hung over a busy street or on a corner post controlling thousands of cars and trucks day and night, year after year.  Installing our basic SL-3008 120 volt traffic light controller will restore full sequence operation to your light.  Small in size, only 2 1/2 x 3 1/4 inches (82.5 x 63.5 mm) and programed with over 23 different sequence patterns for you to choose from for that authentic light pattern.  From the standard US Green, Amber, and Red to random flashing.  For the UK and other countries Green, Amber, Red; Red plus Amber to Green.  Some of the other popular programs to choose from are alternating flashing RR crossings, and  cross walk signals.  Controllers can be ordered for 12 volt AC\DC, 24 volts, 120 volts and 240 volt AC operation.  Shipped standard 120 volts to the US and Canada, 240 volts the UK, Australia, New Zealand and other countries, all at the same low price.  No need to travel to a hardware store for power cords, wire and mounting hardware, everything needed to install your controller is shipped complete in one package, a potential total savings of $20.00 or more over other units.  This is the controller of choice in the US and around the  world for reliability, versatility, design and service.  The use of energy saving voltage reducing transformers for maximum power efficiency, low cost operation and cool operation, no wasted power in heat generated by other voltage reducing methods and helps in the protection  against damage from line surges.  Relays are used for positive ON-OFF circuit switching.  Yes they click, but allow the use of power saving LED lights as low as 4 watts with no glow in the OFF state which can be a problem with solid state switching.  All sequences and wiring diagrams are illustrated in very easy to follow picture style instructions shipped with each unit including photos of mounting and wiring.  Purchase with confidence with nearly 16,000 controllers sold so far worldwide.  Standard adjustable time setting 1/2 second minimum, 1 1/2 minutes maximum for green and red, 1 minute yellow.  Longer times of 3, 4, and 5 minutes available on request, state on order.

4 - 5 W.  LED = 40 W.  Incand.      6 - 8 W.  LED = 60 W. Incand.        9 - 13 W.  LED = 75 W. Incand.       24 - 28 W. LED = 100-150 W. Incand.

                                             Average life for incandescent 1000 to 1200 hours.  Average life for LED 30,000 + hours

Full Intersection Light
Traffic Light Plus Cross Walk Signal

Three  circuit  controller for non-flashing "don't walk", and four circuit for flashing Don't Walk.

There are seven sequences programed in for  this unit,  from full  intersection, Grand Prix  style staging  tree and  other multiple light and arrow sequences. 



LED Traffic Light & Dimmer

With the old style traffic lights getting harder to find, the LED traffic lights are becoming more prevalent.   The  good news  is LED's draw very little  current and have a  life span of several years.  The down side is, they are very bright, and in most cases to bright for inside use.  The design of these lights prevents using a dimmer control at the line input.  To keep a uniform light output when in use, there is an internal control which keeps the light constant as the line voltage fluctuates up and down, so a normal hardware store dimmer will not work.  Our dimmer is specifically designed for this application.   Shipped  complete with  dimmer  circuit  board, dimming  control, LED  wire connections  and  termination for input  power.   Also  included is  a flash drive  with complete instructions on the disassembly, installation and reassembly.  Dimmer package includes three dimmers, one for each light.  Not available thru Ebay, must order direct.

DC-1008              $35.95 per set of 3




Installation Video

For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 269 210-7245 or email

Shipped   complete  with  controller,   mounting hardware, power cord, and complete wiring and installation instructions.


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